Homeless Action Committee

The mission of the Homeless Action Committee is to integrate existing services and supports, and to strategically stimulate the creation of resources in the Chicago metro area for the purpose of strengthening the network of care for people who are homeless and have a serious mental illness.

The goals of the Homeless Action Committee are to:

  1. Promote and participate in the integration and collaboration among local, state, and federal government, and private organizations in order to create an infrastructure for seamless service delivery;
  2. Increase housing options and access to appropriate housing; and
  3. Advocate for increased resources to sustain and expand wraparound services targeted to at-risk populations in order to prevent homelessness.

“Those People” Documentary

The state of Illinois is frequently ranked as having one of the worst mental health care systems in the United States. The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill has given the state a grade of ‘F’ in recent years. But behind the de-funding and disappointments are real people with real struggles. It’s “those people” who are reclaiming their dignity by confronting systems of power and injustice. — Alison Flowers

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